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COVID-19 vaccines damage our ability to deal with COVID-19.

Download Twitter files parts 1-11 as PDF here.

Relative Risk Reduction is not Absolute Risk Reduction

How to calculate your net worth.

China overwhelmed with some type of illness.

Merry Christmas to all!

Saving web pages locally

Picture of my parents walking to school one day.

On the danger of coddling.

Graphene in the vaccines or not? A Chinese patent says yes.

When I got vaxxed my brain melted.

Free study sites

Musk releases Twitter files with help.

mRNA transfers from vaccinated to unvaccinated.

US inflation rate for energy is 40% for 2022.

Can a flu-like disease by asymptomatic and still spread?

Why can't people believe in vaccine injuries?

Reasons not to use site-specific apps.

Spectrum Health Group is anti-science.

Florida GOP law passed that will forcibly vaccinate people.

What is the DOI number on a study?

Some vax victims spin before they die.

Just how much of the COVID-19 narrative was fiction?

Movie "Died Suddenly"

Isolation of COVID-19/SARS-COV-2

What's in the blood of the vaccinated?

Food prices in Spain up 1.8x

The raised fist motif means tyranny.

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Studies show Ivermectin treats some cancer.

N-acetyl-cysteine, does it treat long COVID?

News update

Why is SARS-COV-2 and SARS-COV-3 mentioned in a 2008 article?

More corruption of US drug laws.

What's up with the Fentanyl overdoses?

What did we know and when did we know it?

Fixing damage from the spike protein.

The 10 stages of Genocide.

My response to the "two pandemics" post.

A brief history of close-minded science.

COVID-19 vaccine memes.

Status update for Twitter.

Vaccine reaction databases from around the world.

Chip converts heat to electricty

Rumblings of war

Example of UK socialized healthcare from their own hospitals.

Vape smoke shows masks don't work (to stop viruses).

Are there food shortages in Michigan?

US Federal law prohibits mandating vaccines on people.

The COVID-19 spike protein and inflammation.

The latest vaccine push: a cancer vaccine.

COVID memes

Employer job phrase translations

Poll: Should the FDA or CDC be closed?

Ecohealth keeps popping up in relation to the dangerous vaccines.

Spike Proteins and the damage they cause, pt 4.

The measles vaccine hoax.

Vaccine news summary

Key vaccine numbers to try and get through to people.

Am I writing too many articles?

Myocarditis in US ages 12-20 increased 55800% in 1 year.

Spike proteins and the damage they cause, pt 3

Make people more dependent and increasing costs.


Mosquitoes can vaccinate you.

Three churches close in Northern Michigan.

Make your own nasal saline water.

Practicing medicine.

Spike proteins and the damage they cause, pt 2.

Bank failure rumors

Big problems in Austria.

Spike proteins and the damage they cause, pt 1.

Travel papers required in Michigan in 2020 lockdown.

Will we see a Great Death by vaccine?

Other email options

I recommend this Workflowy list of notes about COVID-19.

The ego and the spiritual war.

What a doctor said about masks and COVID-19.

CDC removes mask requirements in healthcare facilities.

How well do arc lighters work?

Diamond Dust to ID new silver coins

How do you reach close-minded people?

Coup in China? Xi under arrest?

On climate change.

US expenses up an average of $961/month

Problems with bussing, QR codes, bar codes.

Our own vaccine poll. We want your opinion.

The basic COVID-19 timeline.

Sperm counts dropping over 80+ years.

What is intelligence?

On choice.

Inner growth, distraction, and money magic.

What are real blood clots?

26 different science groups show serious contamination of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Articles about excess deaths in 2020-2021.

On endothelial cells and COVID.

Crazy masks I found.

Mask pore size and the size of coronavirus.

Biden taxes ate up your raise.

Paramagnetism of graphene

More accounts deleted on Discord

A history of Pfizer fraud

15 Lawsuits against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Graphene is toxic.

Euthanasia being pushed on kids in Canada.

Vaccinated are 40x more likely to die.

Thought experiment.

The poisons around us.

Big Fedex overcharges are arbitrary

Can you be forced to take a vaccination in the US? (Yes.)

Prediction on coming riots in September 2022.

On Nanobots

Free public school online in US.

How graphene in some vaccines can make you sick.

Lawsuits against mask mandates

Fraud with Coronavirus raw data

Why this guy says the US military is in charge now.

What did Fauci know?

How to legally decline the vaccine.

More evidence COVID-19 was made in a lab, by Moderna!

Graphene transmitted from vaccinated to unvaccinated.

Send this pre-made letter to your state attorney general

Hundreds of official Pfizer documents here

31% died / had permanent injury from the vaccine in the first week.

DeSantis of Florida will force vaccines on people.

EBV linked to long-COVID.

The sheeple cannot manage money.

Possible treatment for microvascular disease

Studies show the COVID-19 vax causes incurable prion brain disease.

Does stevia lower testoserone levels?

Fauci Resigns!

Are the mRNA vaccines connected to monkeypox?

A message to the unvaccinated heroes

Look up injuries and deaths by vaccine lot number.

Democrat Fart Fees could kill nearly all animal farms in the US.

The COVID-19 plan from insiders.

Dangerous food from China

Natural Immunity makes vaccines irrelevant.

A short history of fake studies

Vaccine adverse events online databases bans some sites?

How to legally decline the vaccine.

Why so many foreign vaccine adverse events in the US VAERS database?

Excellent resources for COVID fraud and vaccine studies

What is the mark of the beast?

Big spike in disability after vaccines rolled out.

Nanobots deliver drugs to any part of the body

Wayback Machine

Mass psychosis and the western mind.

How to hide posts from AI in the Age of Censorship

Self-assembling viruses in the COVID-19 vaccine?

What about vaccine AIDS?

Suicide and euthansia.

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Birth rates dropping in Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, China

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