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Beware the Electric Vehicle (EV) scam.

Bandaids are racist!

"The Prisoner" TV show is oddly captivating.

The COVID-19 spike protein and cancer links.

From 2011: light bulbs can spy on you.

In 2014, 300 scientists warned Anthony Fauci would start a global pandemic.

How to ID USB ports, and what their colors mean.

Negative and Satanic values

Secret Roku 3 commands.

Another 1TB fake flash drive.

A great candle wax formula!

Lithium batteries used outside all summer worked well!

No US bills after 2017?

Discord app problems earlier today in US.

Free ebooks online

Tiddlywiki is 19 years old this month!

Sperm levels dropping since 1930.

Why cancer is an electrical illness

Another collection of articles on COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Learn civics, and citizen grand juries.

The Spike Protein in the vaccines accelerates aging greatly.

A survey of my religious community asked if our attitudes or views about govt had changed because of covid. This is what I wrote.

20% of Amazon shipments not meeting shipment dates.

Inspirational Message To The Unvaccinated

Microschools, free range kids, pushing climate change again.

In 1990 scientists found out that a vaccine for a coronavirus was impossible due to how fast it mutates.

Scare tactics to stop meat consumption.

Ivermectin and Zinc ionophores are safe and effective.

Russian military accuses US of releasing bioweapens

New Research: Omicron Was Not Likely an Escape Variant

Flesh eating bacteria to scare people into getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Chip implants will control your buying, or prevent you buying at all.

Study: Jab caused 45% increase in heart adverse events.

FDA lawyer: Doctors can prescribe Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

China update #4.

Tracking the vaccinated people using technology.

Chinese secret lab found in Reedley, California

Master list of COVID-19 links

Studies on the harm of 5g and wifi

Green energy will be forced on you.

Spirulina to treat COVID-19 and cytokine storm, and more COVID-19 news.

China Update #3

RFK Jr. Exposes Big Pharma’s Control Over the TV News

Pentagon loses $220 billion more gear.

Biggest denier COVID-19 was made in a lab secretly thought it was made in a lab.

The Covid-19 mass vaccination program violated all principles of Science and the Hippocratic Oath....

China update #2

Vaccine disability report.

US DNI releases report on source of COVID-19.

Science Magazine Acknowledges COVID Vaccine Damage, Only to Gaslight the Victims

What defines cult-like activity?

Treatment could repair mylein damage caused by the spike protein in the vaccine.

Japan - Weekly Excess Deaths vs COVID Boosters

Soybean oil decreases the love hormone oxytocin.

News on Ivermectin causing sterility.

On Amazon Prime Music service.

The US Corporation of 1871 and more about Ukraine.

Owners vs parents.

Toroidal fans are much quieter.

The Love Battery, and how it works.

Let's talk lithium and lithium batteries.

Why soy is being pushed onto people.

They knew in 2005 HCQ stopped SARS-1, a cousin of COVID-19.

MSM says: Stop thinking.

WHO finds COVID vaccines cause multiple sclerosis.

Moderna sets up shop in China to profit from COVID possibly returning.

Study finds leftist extremism linked to psychosis and narcissism.

Titanium finger rings may not be able to get cut off

Olde English Insults

Why men don't want to get married.

Moderna and US gov't co-owned the COVID vaccine in 2015.

How to resist the tyranny.

Marburg virus isn't airborne.

Long Mask: A new meta-analysis quantifies mask harms

Cannabinoids and COVID-19 spike protein treatment

Material D30 withstands blunt trauma.

The Three Main Spiritual Steps to Growth.

Will Astra Zeneca profit from vax damage now?

What causes the Karen syndrome?

COVID-19 info on Element

Caption this

Blackrock, Fox News, and Dominion voting machines.

Consumer Union woke alerts.

Scams and scam newsletters

Illiteracy and how it affects business.

Wikis and other tools used to take notes.

What is a functional adult?

The inflammation connection.

Likely fake 2TB flash drive for $4.71

Articles on spike protein spreading

Refilling travel toothpaste yourself

Wifi, cell signals, and oxidative stress.

Fedex loses whole pallets of shipments.

Deadly eye drops kills people, blinds more.

Liberals, conservatives and depression

Windows update and the CMD window

Nuremburg 2 Trial news

Vaccinated who get blood clots are not covered by insurance.

Live now: Spaces talk about Trump arrest.

The Twitter Files

The Silicon Valley banking scandal

How COVID propaganda works.

Apathy could be the root of many social problems.

No flu shot = no flu.

Pfizer's new mascot, Clotty

New lawsuit against vax pushing doctor

Magnesium deficiency and glyphosate

Key resources for COVID-19 info.

On equality vs equity.

Fact checkers

Extra thick incense sticks smoke a lot.

Please report rude comments

Do the vaccines have the spike protein?

Personnel shortages for 2 years in Meijer, plus Walgreens problems, plus can return machine problems

Intelligence and vaccination rate, and more polls

Bruce Willis, dementia, and the jab.

Tips for being in the hospital

Graphene in the vaccines via hydrogel? Yes in some batches.

I now have more than 200 subscribers!

Brain prion disease (CJD) and the COVID-19 vaccine.

DHL supply chain disrupted worldwide.

China update

How liberals help conservatives ban abortion.

Toxic young culture?

Egg farms being destroyed? But why?

Legal explanation of Brunson v Alma.

mRNA vaccines are defined as "gene therapy".

Effects of 5g, cell tower signals and wifi.

Excess mortality graphs for US and Europe.

All you need to know about climate change.

Which people resisted the vax? And why?

What is the Great Reset?

CDC page admits the vaccine makes the deadly spike protein!

The majority of deaths are now the vaccinated.

WEF attendees do NOT want vaccinated pilots and crew.

90% of COVID-19 drugs sent to China were fake.

Do you support abolishing the US income tax?

Do not get the vaccine if you have these conditions.

China has many problems.

Chinese traditional medical system

Why were people so thin in the 1950s-1970s?

14 Vaccine side effect databases from around the world.

How to get Ivermectin.

Global warming is natural and cyclical

The spike protein invades many more types of cells

Why does chicken soup help treat some illness?

Michigan food shortage update

Treat the spike protein if you're vaccinated.

A pro-science site with articles.

600 million in China infected?

Iowa Boards of Medicine and Pharmacy getting sued for being anti-science!

25% of people believe someone they know died of COVID-19 vaccines.

Online doctors for $29.95 per month in the US.

Do not buy anything from China until further notice.